1. Psychological/Personality Assessment We provide objective psychological testing to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. We utilize instruments such as the MMPI and MCMI. These services are typically provided as a result of physician/psychiatrist referral, and referrals are typically made given poor treatment response or a complex clinical presentation that makes diagnosis and treatment planning challenging.
  2. Neurocognitive Assessments of Older Adults We provide objective testing of cognitive abilities in older adults. This allows for determinations regarding the existence of dementia, assessment of the extent of cognitive deficits, and/or recommendations regarding treatment, placement, or guardianship.
  3. ADHD Assessment We provide objective assessment regarding the presence or absence of an attention disorder in children and adults. We rely on various objective checklists as well as computerized assessment of attentional functioning.
  4. psyScreen Smart Phone Assessment We provide psychological and neuropsychological testing remotely using video calling technology and online psychological testing services.